Sun protection venetian blinds



  1. The different properties of different materials are to be used in a composite profile for darkening and noise reduction
  2. The base material has different properties; for example, yellow is painted three times to make it cover, this affects the thickness and hardness of the profile

Our solution

  • Profilmetall Engineering was involved in the development of the new machine right from the product development stage.
  • The different properties of the base material were taken into account in the design and tool layout. Our tool is stable when using the different colors and thus the different material properties.
  • The rubber band (“welt”) is rolled inline directly during production.


  • Inexpensive, compact solution with low cost
  • Customer benefits from Profilmetall Engineering’s know-how
  • Development support
  • Feasibility studies in collaboration with customers and designers

„The processing competence of the profiled metalworkers for various materials in a forming process is impressive and very purposeful for the functionality of external venetian blinds that we require.“