Next Generation Profiling Systems

Profilmetall Engineering offers more than roll forming machines: We are known as problem solvers who enable the production of complex roll-formed profiles into the customers’ production processes, thinking long-term. Our customers enjoy faster, more flexible and more economical production that gives them clear competitive advantages.



Our systems can be found in these industry sectors, among others:

  • Constructions

    • Fastening und conveyor technology
    • Facade construction
    • Sanitary, heating
    • Gates, doors, fences
  • Electrical installation

    • Ribbon lighting systems
    • Cable duct systems
    • Switch cabinet technology
    • Supporting rails e.g. LED
  • Renewable energy

    • Photovoltaics
    • Solar thermal
    • Hydropower
    • Wind power
  • Interiors

    • Furniture industry
    • White goods
    • Shelving
    • Partition wall systems
  • Air conditioning

    • Window industry
    • Glas industry
    • Ventilation technology
    • Sun protection
  • Mobility

    • Agricultural technology
    • Automotive
    • Rail and water transport
    • Aeronautical engineering


Profilmetall Engineering develops outstanding tools and individual custom machines. We always find a solution – tell us your requirements and let us convince you. Our customers trust us because we offer a unique combination of know-how, product and service. We keep an eye on the entire process, accompany you from prototype to series production and integrate the forming process into your production line.


Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, molybdenum, pre-painted materials, composites: We’ve processed just about everything. No material is too demanding and no sheet is too thin. From as little as 0.08 mm material thickness, our forming tools work with reliable precision and produce perfect results.


Roll forming, straightening, welding, punching, riveting, toxing, clinching, finishing, bending, embossing, coating, deburring, joining, connecting, foaming, notching, fixed length finishing, separating, bevelling, assembling and automating: The list of technologies we have already integrated in our systems is long. And yet this long list is incomplete. Because with every new project, another new technology could be added. We look forward to it!

Rollforming with XELLAR

Rollforming Profiles

Profilmetall Engingeering’s high level of expertise in the development of roll forming lines is no coincidence.

Our user-oriented solutions result from our extensive know-how in the production of roll-formed profiles. At our sister company Profilmetall in Hirrlingen, we produce customer-specific profiles, from prototypes to large-scale production and worldwide logistics.

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