Xellar Profiliermaschine

Profiling Systems

Innovations that push boundaries. With our roll forming lines, complex profiles can be produced faster, more flexibly and with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Production facilities

The process-integrated solution

Fertigungsanlagen von Profilmetall

Holistic turnkey projects are a convenient way to increased productivity. With more than 40 years of experience in contract profiling and profiling line construction, we understand your needs in terms of speed, quality and cost efficiency.

From project management to general contractor, we realize complete roll forming plants including networking, process chaining and combination of several sequential process steps in coherent production plants. References from the electrical industry, mobility, interior, air conditioning, construction and renewable energies are available on request.

Sie erhalten von uns neben Rollformprozessen zahlreiche weitere Verfahren prozessintegriert für Ihre Fertigung. Vom Halbzeug bis zum verpackten Fertigprodukt – zur direkten Auslieferung an Ihre Kunden.

Roll Forming Machines

Forming technology in perfection

Profiliermaschine von Profilmetall

Customized profiling machines have been our expertise for more than four decades. You benefit from our combined know-how in mechanical engineering and contract profiling. Depending on material properties and requirements, we advise, develop and build roll forming machines and profiling lines exactly for your needs.

The criteria for machine design include:

  • Shape accuracy and tolerance zones of roll-formed profiles or assemblies
  • Surface quality, from uncoated sheet metal to pre-painted materials
  • High production speed and short cycle times for downstream processes
  • Uncomplicated changeover concepts and intuitive operation
  • Optimal price-performance ratio, for the fulfillment of your requirements

The result: innovative machine technology for every roll-formed profile!

Welding modules

The reliable connection

Welded profiles combine the precision in roll forming with the reliability of the welding process. Relevant factors are the precision of the strip edge, the required production speed and, of course, the load capacity of the weld seam including proof of tightness.

Our proven delivery spectrum ranges from transverse welding systems for joining strip ends of a new sheet coil to automated and process-integrated welding systems:

  • Transverse welding systems
  • Laser welding
  • WIG welding
  • Up to complete XELLAR laser welding cell including safety acceptance. Here, optics with high welding performance can be accommodated in the smallest space!

Punching machines

For individual functional features

From complex punching patterns for the assembly of electrical components or for simple rows of holes for tying other sheet metal parts – we realize the full spectrum of pre-, intermediate- and post-punching processes. Our punching tools and punching systems enable any hole patterns and combined processes at the highest speed. Combined hole patterns with metric and inch dimensions are also possible.

Stanzanlagen von Profilmetall
  • intelligent feed and tool technology
  • automatic setup of pre-programmed hole patterns
  • highest production output and precision
  • Minimum changeover times with test run and verification
  • automated punching waste transport
  • cost-effective standards – or integration in XELLAR production cells
  • Sound and emission reduced

With our expertise in cutting and punching, we turn every requirement into functional solutions!

Special equipment

The reliable connection

Do you want to implement an individual production process for your product or your product range? Even better performing, more precise and more economical than before? Talk to us.

From bending lines, e.g. for Airbus cabin bulkheads, space-saving strip processing lines for strip preparation, rounding off or on the subject of “ContiLoop”, we offer versatile process know-how for functional production solutions. We also offer double-head profiling lines in which the distance between the movable roller stands can be infinitely adjusted to meet special requirements in terms of flexibility or component variety.


Roll forming with XELLAR

The profiling line from modular production cells

Modular design and integrated processes enable roll forming, punching, welding, toxing, riveting and much more – on one roll forming line. Xellar production cells set standards in productivity, safety, noise protection, energy consumption, operation and ease of service. Xellar is an extremely flexible production system. With its modular production cells, it is suitable for individual small batches as well as for the efficient large-scale production of roll-formed profiles. The Xellar profiling lines combine the advantages of a modular system with product-specific high-tech.

Profiling machine Xellar

Auf Xellar Profiliermaschine von Profilmetall

1. Conveyor system

2. Punching module

3. Feeding module

4. Drive system

5. Profiling module

6. Suction

7. Minimum lubrication

8. Tooling system

9. Digital process and quality monitoring

10. Integrated cooling system

11. Cut-to-length module


Flexible x Smart

The Xellar profiling line is extremely flexible and adaptable thanks to its patented structure of individual production cells. Intelligent details such as easily positionable tools and quick-change systems speed up setup procedures and simplify process adaptation. We are proud to call the result “smart profiling.

Xellar flexibal
Xellar funktional


Functional x Expandable

Xellar designs the profiling process to be highly functional. Individually controllable drives, intelligent sensors and simple operation can be perfectly implemented on the basis of the production cell. And when new process steps are added, other roll-formed profiles are produced, production technologies are changed in a very short time, or individual smart cells are exchanged, the true strength of the concept becomes apparent.


Efficient x Economical

Xellar pays off from day one. The standardized design and robust technology guarantee maximum availability. Optionally controllable gear units reduce tool wear and a differentiated drive concept enables fast tool setup. This is why Xellar profiling systems are subsequently significantly more economical than other systems for a comparable basic investment.

Xellar effizient


Reliable x Powerful

Millions of profile meters have been produced on our profiling lines. Therefore, we know that availability and productivity are paramount. Xellar profiling lines are robustly designed. The protected working area, the separation of power supply and mechanics, the intelligent drive concept and the maintenance-friendly design enable maximum system performance.